Encore Development

Foreclosure to Gold Mine

166 Single-Family Homes, 119 Senior Apartments & Mixed Use Commercial & Industrial Development

The previous owner was foreclosed on as part of a complex bankruptcy.  We worked with the City to re-pay a majority of the previous owners obligations to the city for road improvements and created a tax increment financing incentive district for the city to utilize to fund future road improvements in the area.

* Purchase land through a judicial sale out of a complex bankruptcy
* Work hand-in-hand with the city to fast track the project
* Innovative strategy to solve a 15 year wetlands lawsuit
* Site development and roadway construction



Low elevation brought the need to truck in clay. We did this for a month straight!


*Acquire foreclosed property by paying all liens.

*Clear area.

*Truck clay in to raise elevation for proper sewer construction.

*Create a lake.

*Build road, curbs and water construction.

*Install underground utilities

*Partner with Ryan Homes to begin residential construction.


Despite extreme challenges, GD3 succeeded ahead of schedule!

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